Location of Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago lies between latitudes 10-11N and longitudes 60-61W. They are the southernmost of the Caribbean islands and are geologically an extension of South America, situated only 10km (7mi) east of the Venezuelean Mainland. Trinidad was separated from Venezuela only 11,000 years ago during the last Ice Age and the island has continental flora and fauna. Tobago has more of an Antillean affinity due to its longer separation. Trinidad is situated north of and opposite the mouth of the Orinoco River and is separated from the South American coast by the Gulf of Paria.

Tobago is 33 km (21 mi) northeast of Trinidad. Trinidad measures 55 miles long by 40 miles with an area of 4828 sq km (1864 sq mi), while Tobago measures 26 by 7.5 miles with an area of 300 sq km (116 sq mi). The total area of the country is 5130 sq km (1981 sq mi). Come and visit Trinidad & Tobago, the Caribbean's most exciting vacation destination.

Tourist & Tour Information

Trinidad & Tobago, home of the authentic calypso, steelband and limbo, is the Caribbean's most exciting vacation destination, with fabulous festivals, including the most exciting and spontaneous Carnival, irresitible music, such as calypso, soca, and the steelband music that was all created right here. Trinidad and Tobago, as a destination, offers a unique combination of leisure and special interest, whether cultural festivals, nature, horticulture, cuisine, sport, or simply the various ethnic mixes of our people.

Tour the islands with our adventure and nature tours and experience our many eco-tourist attractions, idyllic beach resorts and coral reefs in Tobago, rain forest, mountain hiking and rare birds. Our capital city is bubbling over with activity -- not just calypso and steelband, but parties, fashion design, painting and theatre. You will find non-stop sporting activity, including unbeatable scuba diving, golf and sailing.

This is a country where cultures from around the world meet and interact; its people know how to live, how to laugh, how to enjoy themselves, and most important, how to make you feel welcome.

As your host, our first duty at Trinidad & Tobago SightSeeing Tours is to provide you with all information you need and a comfortable base from which you can enjoy your stay in our beautiful islands. We will provide you with daily tours to all local attractions, airport transfers, hotel bookings, cruise ship services and flight arrangements to and from Trinidad & Tobago.  Let us be your home away from home as you explore one of the most excitng cultures in the world. Please visit our Trinidad & Tobago SightSeeing Tours Home Page for more details.

Come and visit Trinidad & Tobago for a truly wonderful experience!

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