Port Questionnaire


Call at Scarborough /Tobago

Arrival tittle indicating ship at berth, gangway on.

Arrival Date

10 Novernbor 1998



from Bridgetown

Departure Date

10 November 1998



to Curiapo

Arrival Date     hrs


Departure Date     hrs


Arrival Date     hrs


Departure Date     hrs


Arrival Date     hrs


Departure Date     hrs


x pier Preferably close to town

q roads

and no container terminals

We as agent herewith confirm that reservation of berth for MV HANSEATIC bas been arranged as indicated above and permission to enter port has been given by port authorities.


Berth Details

Name of pier: Scarborough Anchorage position: _________
Length of quay: 118
Height of pier at MLW: + 3.0 m chart data
Permissable draft at MLW: 8 m
Entering/leaving port during night possible? YES
Is berthing/departure depending on tide? NO
Rise and fill in tide (average) 1 m
(Please attach map/drawing of port area if available) ________________________
Tender / Zodiac YES
Use of ship's tenders / zodiacs allowed? ________________________
Cost and capacity of local tenders ________________________



Tender / Zodiac YES
Use of ship's tenders / zodiacs allowed? ________________________
Cost and capacity of local tenders ________________________


Port Agent's Full Address:

Name: Trinidad & Tobago Sightseeing Tours Telephone: 868 628 1051
Street: # 165A Western Main Road Telefax: 868 622 9205
P.0. Box: St. James. P-0-S E-mail: carvalho@tstt.net.tt
City/ZIP-Code: Trinidad, W.I.
General Manager: Charles Carvalho Priv. Tel: 868 628 1051
Mobile: 868 680 8591
Shipping Manager: Mr. James Smith Priv. Tel: 868 639 3181
Mobile: Nil
Operations Manager: Charles Carvalho Priv. Tel: 868 628 1051
Mobile: 868 680 8591
Bank Name: Republic Bank T & T Ltd
Address: 28/30 Murray Street, Woodbrook
Port of Spain. Trinidad. W.I.
Account-no: 02L13094240
Corresponding Bank in the USA: Barclays Bank PLC, 75 Wall St. N.Y.


Phone Local Fire Guard: 868 639 2222

Phone Local Police: 868 639 1920

Local Holidays:


General Port/Area Particulars

1. ETA

Notice to: Agent

How many hours in advance: 72 hours

2. Port Radio Telephone

VHF?: 16

3. Tugs

Compulsory/not compulsory: Yes

Time of ordering in advance: 4 days

Latest cancellation time: 2 days

Cancellation fee, if any: NIL

Normal charge per tug, straight time: US$1,200.00

Straight time: from - to 06:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs

Charge for Stand By: N/A (Tug has to come from T'Dad

Additional charge for overtirnes: 50%

Additional charge for Saturday, Sunday, holidays:   _______________________

4. Pilots

Pilotage compulsory?: Yes

Advance notice to: 4 days to Agent

Where will he board/leave?: At Anchorage, just of brake water.

Straight time: from - to: 06:00 hrs to 18:00hrs

Charge in straight time: US$863.50

Overtime charge: 50% of above

Additional charge for Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 50% of above

VHF?:  ___________________________

5. Mooring/unmooring

Straight time: from - to: 06:00 to 23:00 hrs

Charge in straight time: US$383.33

Overtime charge: US $150.00

Additional charge for Saturday, Sunday, holidays: Plus 180% of normal fee

Any other fact of importance regarding tugs, pilots and mooring/unmooring.: NO

6. Sludge Discharge

Possible?: NO

Cost, if any: N/A

7. Garbage

Is the collecting and delivering of garbage ashore compulsary?: NO

If yes has it to be delivered separately?: N/A

How is the collecting ashore? By Truck, by container, by bins, by bags?: N/A

The size of the above?: N/A

What costs are involved?: N/A

Is it allowed to use incinerator during port stay?: NO

8. Fresh Water

Availability, price and method of supply: Yes, US$3.10 per ton

Pumping Rate: Pump alongside Vessel. Slow??


Ship's Clearance

1. Passenger Lists / Crew Lists Passenger List Crew List
a) May we use our own lists as per specimen attached? Yes Yes
b) How many lists to be sent to you in advance? 6 lists 6 lists
c) When should they reach you latest prior to ship's arrival? 3 days
d) Required number of lists upon arrival 6 lists 6 lists


2. Stores
a) How many store lists are required? 6
b) May we use our own forms? Yes
c) Do,authorities seal stores? Yes
d) ln case of restrictions, indicate allowance liquor/cigarettes etc. pax/crew per day If Captain has a requiment  It is taken out before SEALING


3. Health Declaration
a) How many health declarations are needed? 3
b) May we use our own forms? Yes
c) Which vaccinations are compulsory according to WHO and local laws? Nil
d) Do health authorities require vaccination lists? N/A
e) Do authorities want to check vaccination certificates? N/A

4. Passport / Landing Cards Passenger Crew
a) We prefer passengers/crew to have ship's own landing cards. Do authorities agree? Yes Yes
Do landing cards have to be stamped by local authorities before distribution? No No
b) We prefer passengers' passports to be kept at purser's office. Do authorities agree? Yes
c) If authorities do not agree to a) and/or b) please state exactly clearance procedure for prompt and easy landing of cruise passengers. N/A


5. Special Papers
If our forms are not accepted and local Forms landing cards are required, please forward sufficient supply to us eight weeks before ship's call. State necessary forms. N/A


6. Embarkation / Debarkation
(Passengers embarking or disembarking our cruise vessel at your port)
a) Will embarkation / debarkationaffect cruise status and benefits deriving from it (reduced light dues, harbour dues etc)? No
b) Please indicate exact charges, if any


7. Visa Requirenents
a) Please confirm that passenger list is sufficient for granting landing permission for cruise passenger (German, Austrian, Dutch, Swiss, US-American nationality etc). Yes
b) Indicate which nationalities, if any, need individual visas Albenia, Bosnia, CToatia, Cuba, Macsedonja. Slovenia, NKorea, Yogulasivia, Vietnam,


8. Which authorities board the vessel
a) witb the pilot Yes
b) at pier/anchorage Agent, Immigration, Customs
c) Do any officials stay on board during port time/transit? Customs Guard, Health.


9. Money exchange
Is bank service available?: Yes

Hint: Purser's office is fully in charge of ship's clearance and formalities.

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