Costing, Cruise Shipping Rates & Documents Required

For a complete breakdown of our cost, we can fax you a performer invoice, but first we will need to have the specifications of the ship/s you have scheduled for Trinidad and Tobago.

The information we need is:

Name of ship, Nationality of ship, Port of register, Gross tonnage, Net tonnage, Draft, Length overall, Number of passengers, Number of crew, Calling date/s


Cruise Shipping Rates

The following rates are all quoted in United States Dollars.

Head tax
$5.00 (Per passenger listed on arrival manifest)

Port Duties
Port Duties are calculated on the gross tonnage of vessels on each visit to the Port of Port-of-Spain and Scarborough as follows:
17 to 15,000 GT: $0.04/GT
15,001 to 30,000 GTL: $0.03/GT
Over 30,000 GT (Fixed rate): $900.00

Towage (per tug per operation)
Port of Spain (Fixed rate): $250.00
Scarborough (base to base): $1,200.00

Garbage Disposal
Per truckload (6 cubic meters) or part thereof: $84.00.

Berth Occupancy
per GT per day or part thereof: $0.02

Mooring Lines
Berthing and Unberthing (per movement)
0 to 1,700 GT: $100.00
Over 1,700 GT: $167.00

Fresh Water
$4.00 (per tonne)


Cruise Shipping Documents Required

  1. Clearance from last port
  2. De-Rat Certificate
  3. International Declaration of Health
  4. Crew List - 8 copies
  5. Passenger Lists - 8 copies
  6. Store Lists - 2 copies
  7. Unmanifested Cargo Lists - 2 copies
  8. Customs Crew Declaration - 2 copies
  9. Immigration Arrival Form P&I 10 - 4 copies
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